Become Lovelier After Forty

[after forty]

by Joe Bonomo

I have dealt with beautiful women all my life. I have taught them to be more beautiful. And I can say this with the honesty of a lifetime devoted to glamorizing the American woman ... there is something far more enduring and attractive about the mature woman who has kept herself mentally and physically young than there is about the flamboyant youth of today.

True, there is a certain freshness of spirit, hope, ambition and agility on youth's side that is exciting, alluring and provocative. But, except for a few rare cases, it lacks the poise, understanding and discernment that is the older woman's greatest charm. Youth seldom knows where it is going or how. The mature woman is sure ... she knows her destination because every step of her past has been one of her markers for the future.

If you have reached the golden forties you have, undoubtedly, come over many a rough road. Few of us, male or female, escape some knocks at one time or another. But being a wise woman you have mellowed with the experiences. You have done a lot of living with yourself and others. Now, it is time to look forward, to plot a course for the years ahead. They can be your most rewarding years.

You will have adjustments to make in your thinking ... in your everyday physical activities ... in your approach to new problems ... and to people. You may, for the first time in your life, be faced with few household responsibilities. On the other hand, yo may be facing the need for seeking paid employment. How will you handle your new leisure? How will you cope with the need for earning a living? This little book will help you to find the answers to many of these and other questions.

Take an inventory of YOU as you are today. Be your own severest critic. Your public may see the same things, but they will not tell you. Analyze your appearance and the details of your grooming. Are you trim and attractive or dowdy and definitely showing your age? Are you too heavy or too thin? Are your choices of clothes and color doing the most for you?

This book contains a world of help especially for You. It will supply constructive answers to many urgent problems, and make suggestions for a better and fuller life after 40 than you probably ever thought possible. Study each detail and see where the ideas can be applied to you and your daily living.

I firmly believe that if your goal is for a productive, stimulating, active life, you will welcome these suggestions. In fact, I am sure you will be grateful evermore that someone has finally come along with the first all-inclusive, intelligent, practical and thoughtful digest of how to enjoy a mature life. If I can add some new hope and unexpected joys to Your life, I am grateful for the opportunity.

Joe Bonomo